Amanda Riley Foundation

Supporting Children Battling Cancer
      Making a SMILE at a time! 

Supporting Riley Warriors and their families

How we Support Children Battling Cancer:

Giving kids 1,000 reasons to smile by granting them a wish valued up to $1,000.00.

    Fund $25,000.00 annual fellowship for Rhabdomyosarcoma research.

    Working with CHOA, to fund, develop & maintain a plan for fertility preservation.

    Strive to increase awareness because – Awareness = Funding = Research – A CURE!!

    We also:

    Provide Meals every Mondays at the AFLAC Cancer Center @ Scottish Rite.

    Provide large snack basket weekly to the AFLAC Cancer Center Parent lounge.

    Give goody bags to all inpatient children on a bi-weekly basis.
    Give gift bags bi-weekly to parents of all inpatient children. Bags include gift cards and other essentials that are beneficial to have during a hospital stay.

    Supply toiletry care packages for parents use upon an emergency overnight hospital stay.

    Supply hospital with basic needs such as lounge pants, toys, undergarments & batteries

    Sponsor up to 100 children at Christmas - providing gifts for the entire family.

    Hosts 2 “Day of Smiles” events each year where all inpatient children get to “go shopping” for FREE. (Like a Christmas in July)

    Lend direct support to families assigned to us by CHOA. Our support includes sending periodic gifts, gift cards and financial assistance to these families.