Amanda Riley Foundation

Supporting Children Battling Cancer
      Making a SMILE at a time! 

Make dreams come true for cancer survivors

    • Most children dream of becoming a parent someday. Unfortunately, this dream can be shattered for those diagnosed with cancer as chemotherapy treatments are known to cause infertility. Even if not infertile, many females enter premature menopause, some as young as 20 years of age. Most families with a teen diagnosed with cancer are not aware of these risks or have the knowledge of what steps to take that could help the child become a biological parent someday. We are working with Dr. Meacham and her team at CHOA to educate families of their options and to fund the harvesting and preservation of eggs for teen girls.
    • Many children have to modify their dreams for the future and when presented with an opportunity, we strive to help make these dreams come true. Example – We have a young man that was an avid runner and had dreams of running in the Olympics one day. Unfortunately, he had to have a leg amputated due to his cancer diagnoses but that did not stop him from chasing his dreams. He now does wheelchair racing and is on track for the 2020 Paralympics. He was in need of a custom chair in order to compete at his highest level but unfortunately did not have the means to purchase it. Our foundation made it possible for him to live out this dream by assisting in the purchase of a much desired and needed wheelchair.

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